Friday, November 11, 2011

So its been a little over a year since the last post. Lets reflect on 2011

My race season was non existent. Did a few WORS races, did a WEMS race and got horribly sick at the 40

I did build up the best FS I have ever ridden and have no desire for a new bike in 2012. So 2 Niners and I would not get rid of either.

We did help build some mighty fine new trails in the south kettle.

Had some great family times and much much less riding.

I did ride to work at least 14 time until they ripped up Hwy 83

The worst part is with all the work and family time 20 pounds crept back onto the body.

So looking at 2012

More WEMS races

Hopefully O2S and Iceman

Get ride of that 20 pounds before April

Start riding back to work a few times a week after April

Make more family rides a camping destinations

And of course build more trails and ride ride ride.


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